Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hello people who are still reading this forsaken blog (it's a miracle!), I have packed and moved my bags to a new place to live. I have not decided what to call it yet but I feel the URGE to start blogging again. Maybe it will last, maybe it will not. Probably the latter. So watch out for my new space. Help me think of a lamer blog address than this one lol shit what was I thinking? Reason I kept it this long was because I didn't want to think of a new one and thought, meh.. who cares about a blog address.

But then again, I'm TWENTEH gosh I'm so old. Time for a brand new start! I want a blog for my university years so that I can look back and see how stupid I was LOL. Please throw in some ideas of a blog address if you happen to chance upon this blog when you're bored /yawn k, I'm bored now. Toodles!

p.s. I did not make a spelling mistake, blogger didn't allow me to put the last 'S' in lololol.